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Welcome to B. Paws-itive Pet Dog Training!

B-Pawsitive Pet Dog Training This is a site about dogs. Big dog training, little dog training, and every size dog in-between dog training. Angela, the originator of this site has been in love with dogs since she started them.... when she was a very young girl. Bringing dogs home for herself, and bringing dogs home for friends and anyone else who would take in a stray.

Her undying love and passion has taken a hobby, and turned it into a career, which is carried out with a true passion unlike any other.

B. Paws-itive Pet Dog Training has assembled this website full of information to get you started off on the right "paw".

From choosing the right pup or adult dog, to training and maintaining, we can help.

Navigation can be found at the top and bottom of all pages and if you don't find the information you're looking for here, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Thank You for visiting B. Paws-itive Pet Dog Training and I hope you enjoy your visit.


Angela Bubley

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