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Dog Training Overview

Tampa Dog Training Many people want their dogs to behave paws-itivley perfect in every situation, almost like robots. Unfortunately, this can only happen with many, many hours of training with a gentle, experienced trainer. Puppies and dogs learn quicker, in a quiet environment, with little or no distraction. Socialization with other dogs is important, however, if a dog is permitted to play with each and every dog or person he or she meets, then your dog will be conditioned to expect to play with each and every dog or person you encounter. Make sure the classes you attend teach your dog how to politely say hello, and how to sit and stay while guests, or other dogs are present.

While group classes are more affordable for some people, too much play and improper introduction to distractions can send the wrong message to your dog, and be a waste of time and money for you, the owner.

Most pet dog owners do not train their dogs everyday, even though they are told to do so. If I, the trainer am not their in their home to instruct each day, they put training off. Every moment you spend with your dog is a training opportunity. From how you enter and exit doorways, to how he greets your guests, and other dogs at the pet store or vet's office, you lay the groundwork everytime your dog experiences something new. If you let him pull you through doorways, then he will pull you other places as well. If you let him jump on you to say hello, he will jump on you for other things.

In Home Training

These days, with Mom and Dad both running several different directions, it is sometimes difficult for both concerned parents to match schedules long enough to go to puppy classes. B. Paws-itive Pet Dog Training offers lessons with puppy and you, in the privacy of your own home, at a time that is convenient for everyone.

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